OK Cupid Fails…Miserably.

So I’ve been on the dating site OK Cupid for a few years now and am beginning to give up all hope on dating sites as a general means to meet anyone normal. But then again what is normal? I had the pleasure of meeting someone with a foot fetish and I am ashamed to say I let him suck on my toes. It tickled might I add, quite terribly. This guy had not only a foot fetish but a smelly feet fetish. He wanted me to wear my vans sans socks so that my feet would purposefully smell extra smelly. As he sucked my toes, he proceeded to smell my feet then he admitted to getting a huge erection from doing it. I wish I could say that was one of the weirder dates..

On Valentine’s day I had another Ok Cupid date and it went rather horribly. After stopping at the local timmies, we drove out to Dufferin Islands where we walked his dog. We then got back into his car where he proceeded to take his pants off and said “blow me.” I said I wouldn’t then he insisted that he had gotten the wrong idea and that I would have enjoyed giving him a blowjob. Then said “If you get me this once , I’ll get you back next time.” To which I replied, “please take me home.” That was the most awkward car ride of my life! And not more than a week later the same thing happened to me with a different guy from Ok Cupid who took me back to his apartment, took off his pants and said “please give me a blowjob.” I said I was not interested in doing so and to please take me home.

The latest date was probably the worse cause it left me stranded in St. Catharines. Another guy from Ok Cupid took me all the way to Missisauga for some Indian food, which I personally cannot stand. As we were driving back to the Niagara region, I explained I had to be home soon since my niece was having a recital soon. He said no problem, and that he would take me straight home but instead he took me back to his apartment where he tried to force me to have sex with him. When I refused he kicked me out of his apartment and said find your own way home so I walked out and caught the next bus home. Lucky for me I know the niagara regional bus system like the back of my hand but I could have ended up seriously stuck.

In conclusion, dating sites suck. It is far more gratifying to meet someone the natural way. My experiences with Ok Cupid have been fraught to say the least. When I’m not getting messages to “Choke on my cock soon?” (true story), I am getting consistent offers to do pornography, as well as offers to have a sugar daddy which I do not want nor need. Maybe I am a little jaded, if you’ve have positive experiences with online dating feel free to comment and let me know, maybe it will cure my cynicism , but I doubt it . After long consideration I have decided to delete my Ok Cupid account and I do and will have no regrets about it. No more foot fetishes, attack blowjobs or offers to choke on some stranger’s cock. So to Ok Cupid, I say “Adieu!”