Fiendish Fiend.

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The first time I did speed was on a photo shoot for Fiend Clothing Apparel. The Photographer and her husband offered me the pills and I thought, “why not?” So I downed the drugs with a bottle of water. I would never regret that decision. Speed is a wonderful drug. It made the photo shoot somehow livelier but that may also have been due to the six palm bays I had had. I was on a serious high, and not just the sugar kind.

The photo shoot was awesome and the photographer was great at making you feel comfortable. The shoot was an absolute pleasure, I enjoyed every minute of it. The speed made everything feel more intense and electric. And what would you expect from a 4/20 brand? Would you expect the models to be sober?

The poses came so fluid to me, I felt great in my skin for the first time in awhile. Not to mention the clothes I modelled were really cute and something I would actually wear in real life, which I actually do! Great thing about modelling is the freebies, like new clothes! The pictures from this shoot are some of my favourite pictures that I have ever taken.

I don’t know if I can really explain what it felt like to be high on speed. It just felt like you’re on top of the world and everything feels nice. You get excited and focus on things with much more clarity which is why a photo shoot was the perfect thing to do for my first speed high. You can channel all your creativity into something with extra energy.

The photographer and her husband are still great friends to this day. We bonded over something I like to call creativity. The relationship between model and photographer is unique and often ends in a power trip. At the end of the day I loved this brand and will continue to wear their kickass clothes!